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Medical Affairs and Marketing Support

• Produt Registration

• Poor Adherence is one of the largest and most expensive disease categories.

Over 40% of patients on long term medication are lost to treatment during the first year due to non adherence.

In the United States alone, poor adherence to medications causes 125,000 deaths annually and accounts for 10% to 25% of hospital and nursing home admissions.

Implement the effective Patient Adherence Strategies can have huge implications for cost-savings and improved patient outcomes.

• AGR Solutions

We have created innovative tools and model that enables us to deliver adherence-enhancing strategy values for all healthcare stakeholders:

For Patients: Better and faster access to update information and treatment. Minimize risk due to medication error and treatment failure.

For Hospitals and care givers: Keep the patient to the appointment, recommended treatment and life style changes. Reduce investment resources with possibility to deliver better service quality and patient safety.

For Pharmaceutical companies: Reduce drug switch, longer product lifecycle and increased chance of reimbursement in the highly competitive environment.

For CROs and investigators: Reduce drop out rate. Save valuable times for searching new site and new candidates due to inadequate samples.

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